Sex Tips For Men

Sex Tips – Play Safe Č Sex is essential for men, women and the society. Sex and life cannot be separated. Where there is life there is sex. As life and sex are mix together.paraphorically speaking, sex is the lifeblood of life. Are we the better of our sex?

The answer is ‘yes’ we are as we fulfill our sexual desires. The lifeblood of our sex is our offspring that is carrying our genes. Our sex creates life. Obviously, the taste or smell of sex affects the way our mind functions. There is a direct correlation between what we eat and how we function sexually.

The basic theme that appears from many sources is scent. The power of scent is undeniable. Some scent receptors in the nose have a direct chemcial connection to the stimulation of sexual response. Scents trigger neurotransmitters to cause the sexual response. ภาพชัด And so it is chemical combinations in the nose that cause the physical responses.

It is a mutually exciting relationship. The sense of smell triggers the release of endorphins. They are chemicalatorunning to humans and animals. These chemicals are also called love hormones. They help us bond and alleviate pains of love. Endorphins are powerful. So too are the endorphins released during sex. Those who are in love have more endorphins. They help make us feel better.

Oysters, plantains and avocado contain more mammahutra and elagic acid than chocolate, which is supposed to contain appreciating and relaxing effect. หนังxญี่ปุ่น Wild yam and squash contain phytoestrogens, which mimic the female sex hormone estrogen. Why is this? Humans and animals are separate species. The ones that are sensitive to estrogen are the women. The ones that are not sensitive to estrogen are the men. Although both sexes are also affected by the same hormone, in different ways. Reconstituting the Equation

To see the effect of what happens with the production of these hormones, one does not have to go outside the bedroom or eat anything specially prepared for that night. The hormone production can be simulated in the most ordinary of cooking. What is needed is a bit of time and patience. The longer time the preparation takes, the more estrogen is rolled out during the cooking process. A woman needs a lot of time and patience ( usually 4-6 hours for a woman to be fully aroused.

In the preparation stage, one can talk with the cook about adding some spice. She may go along with this. Spice adds more flavor and mystery to the food. เสียงไทย Theuxotique, a fancy phrase for adding variety, it is used to suggest that the listener gets involved in the process. You are invited to the cool restaurant. You order some food. You are given a menu. You eat dinner. At the end of the meal, you are served with a sake of Champagne. You are paid. And then you go home and make love. Simple, right?

The menu for the big dinner includes appetizers, a bread, salad, and dessert. For dessert, you can have either a pound cake or a cup of ice cream. You can have the aphrodisiac foods. If you are invited to a function, expect to be served aphrodisiac foods. Some have been used for hundreds of years.

Champagne is a great way to kick off a romantic dinner or even get a little more into the mood without having to order a seductive dinner. The key is to have little gestures and conversation. Not only will your spend time together after the wedding, but you will also feel closer to one another.

Make your favorite appetizers or dishes and have them delivered to your house. นัดเย็ดสวิงกิ้ง A grocery item that you can have ready at home is usually a bottle of champagne. Do not pass up this chance to enhance your romance. Sometimes the best “in love” gifts are the ones that are unique and lady-like.

If you are looking for a way to get in the mood, try the aphrodisiac foods. They are easy and fun to prepare and love. Try some of these:

Bananas: Not just for chimps, this fruit seems to have a magical power to bring forth more than your typical “banana.”

Celery: This weird little vegetable has a weird kind of girlfriend. Watch her as she makes your favorite snack. Do not let her hide. หีเด็กมหาลัย This little vegetable can be hand-feed to the cat.

Garlic: Expect to see the after-effects of garlic fastidiously placed on her food. Garlic should not be removed if she is pregnant.

Just remember that a healthy penis is the best gift you can give her. Rest assured she will be thinking of you throughout the day and will be thinking about your special gift. And, she will want to be reminded of you through the day.